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Experience a hassle-free journey to a compelling online presence. Whether you're building a corporate site or personal blog, Smiles WordPress websites are tailored to showcase your brand in its best light.

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Enjoy the smooth and carefree way of building your online presence. Start by browsing the amazing website templates below. Check out the fully functional demo too. To buy the website, send me a message and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Project starts when the one time fee has been paid. My service has a 3 days money back guarantee after the project is finished.

This service includes everything to help you get your website running as fast and easily as possible. I help you with obtaining a domain and a hosting service. I'll set up the WordPress environment for you and add all the texts, images and videos you wish on the website. This service also includes two hours online training on WordPress basics and how to update your website.

I'm dedicated to delivering affordable and high quality websites at a swift pace. To streamline this process, I encourage you to prepare your own texts, images, and videos. Please note, the one-time fee exclusively covers the core website creation; it does not include domain or hosting services, content creation (like writing texts or acquiring images and videos), adding extra features, or customizing the template's design elements such as color schemes or font styles. Looking for something beyond the template? Dreaming of a website that's uniquely yours in every aspect? I got you covered! For an additional cost, I'll create any website feature or customization you desire.

These website templates are either in the category "Popular" or "Exclusive". Popular category offers a range of beautifully designed website templates that combine affordability with high-quality design. These templates can be adapted for multiple clients. The "Exclusive" website in the other hand is uniquely yours. These premium templates are sold only once, ensuring that your website is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece ideal for businesses and individuals seeking a unique digital identity.


Consulting Company

(One time fee)

Showcase your expertise with this cutting-edge WordPress site, perfect for consulting and service-based SMBs. Enjoy a blend of style and functionality with its responsive layout, custom design options, and easy-to-use blogging features.


19 €


40 €

Page Builder


Upkeep costs are estimates and paid directly to the respective service providers

Speed Optimization


Optional costs are estimates and paid directly to the respective service providers